Parks & Trails

Living in Aliana provides a daily connection with nature. Trails are landscaped with native flora that beautify the neighborhoods and surrounding areas. Small rivulets and fountains within the community adorn the gorgeous parks. Even our signature entryway is designed to mark Aliana as a special place, yet becomes part of the landscape that hearkens back to a more naturally inspired, community-oriented time.

Like a tapestry, the landscape will grow to include small touches of stone walls naturally merging into the scenery offering gentle, rolling movement into the environment. All plans of both plantings and walkways have been artfully woven into the environment.

Take time to reflect and value such sublime peace.

Handcraft your life.


Inspirational Origins

In its spirit, Aliana recalls a more elegant era, when design and artistry were revered for their windows into the human spirit. Nature herself, is our inspiration – our muse – along with the those who appreciate purity of vision and painstaking detail in design. The marriage of form and function.

Grounded in tradition, but looking forward with excitement. Aliana was conceived to inspire residents to make it their own. To discover the lifestyle that lives within them. Or, as we like to say, Aliana is handcrafted for living.